Gianmarco Rogo

Web developer & Biomedical Engineer

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Biomedical Engineering - University of Naples Federico II. Special interests include information technology and the development of open-source software (FOSS).

Fascinated by his studies in robotics, automation and electronics in general, driven to gain knowledge in the world of "digital artisans", or Makers. Investigating the programming of micro-controllers and embedded systems, i.e. Arduino-family and Raspberry Pi.
Contributes to the development of web-based applications for remote systems management.
Experienced in deploying, installing, and securing blogs and web applications through a detailed and technical approach.


Gianmarco Rogo

Tech Enthusiast

Skype: gianmarco.rogo
Phone number: +39 328 1272371
E-mail: gianmarco.rogo(at)

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Web Development

PHP5 (OOP), HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (OOP), JQuery, MySQL

Framework & CMS

Bootstrap, Laravel, WordPress, Magento


Python, C++, MATLAB, Scripting Languages (mSL, Bash)

Microcontroller & Embedded Sys

Arduino, Raspberry Pi

Raster Graphic Editor

Gimp, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Illustrator

OS known

Linux (Debian), OSX, Windows, Android

English Certificate: Level B2


More about my past

  • Personal Projects/experiences

  • IoT skills

    Utilizing skills relating to intelligent devices to create the next generation of home automation. Ranked first in the competition "Make a project - Critics" in 2014, organized by the Italian community dedicated to Arduino, with project LM35: analysis and data processing.

  • Microcontrollors programming

    Intensely interested in automation projects. Check out my blog.

  • Google Developers Team

    Active member of Google Developer Group Campania, marrying the philosophy of the Mountain View giant with unique worldview and ever-broadening perspective.

    @ Google Dev
  • Power Searching with Google

    Achieved Certificate of Completion in 2012 course designed to sharpen research skills and strengthen use of advanced Google search techniques, allowing for the quick and effective answering of complex questions through the web platform.

    @ Google
  • Employments

  • Full-Stack Developer Sept 2015 - present

    Responsible for home automation & Photovoltaic Power Management for solar technology company providing PV panels with a proprietary software, better equipped for enterprise solutions. Provides methods to remotely control and measure all connected devices in a home, bringing the Internet of Things from science fiction to reality for customers on a daily basis. Conducts database management and develops web applications with interactive dashboards, charts, and detailed reports.

    @ HF Energy, a green idea of DELMAS Energia S.p.A.
  • Project Management March - July 2015

    Worked in team with electrical's engineers in designing an innovative hardware-based platform to manage industrial measurements, as well as a customized software to analyze the results. Tirelessly worked to ensure efficient and effective team and resource management, allowing for work ahead of schedule and under budget.

    @ Marzocchi Impianti s.r.l. a group of SAPA s.r.l.
  • PHP developer March - July 2015

    Build web applications and led UI development. Design and implementation of custom software for analyzing and remote control of machinery; managed a fully customizable dashboard to graph and control relevant line's params such as power, speed, and performance measurements.

    @ Marzocchi Impianti s.r.l. , SAPA s.r.l.
  • IT Consultant ACTIVE

    Fulfilled variety of duties to include founding projects, building and implementing hardware facilities, and the development of complex web apps. Products were instrumental in customers’ success in increasingly challenging markets. Cited by multiple customers as best in the industry, leading to recurring business and word of mouth advertising.

    2010 - today

    Founder and web administrator of popular scientific divulgation website focused on the exchange of ideas within medical innovation. Website attracts over 26,000 visitors each month. Increased interaction of engineering community led to increased education, networking, and career opportunities for those involved.



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